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The team

Alba & Simon

Alex, Bee, Bex, Cameron,

Emma, Fern, Immy, Jamie,

Josh, Katie, Milly, Oliver


An eatery for people who like eating

Alba (Valencian) & Simon (Yorkshirean) met and then later married in London, 2011. They left the big smoke for pastures greener in 2012 - renovating a dilapidated grade 11 listed building and opening a B&B in Burton-in-Kendal. Much like they do on these renovation programmes they decided to have a child at the same time and the B&B life became ‘awks’. Simon found employment at Lakeland Arts & Alba at The Brewery Arts Centre.

Managing two cafes and shops for Lakeland Arts reignited Simon’s desire to manage their own - Alba’s reluctance to commit financial suicide wouldn’t prove strong enough t0 extinguish those flames and so Comida [food] became a reality.

With a mutual love of food and wine, Alba’s charming gregariousness and Simon’s aforementioned love of food and wine they sought the premises to offer quality, casual dining in Kendal. The site was found, the plans drawn up and the deal signed… almost… until it was taken away the next day. Undeterred but mildly miffed they went to spend Christmas 2016 in Spain - between smiling and nodding and wishing he’d spent more time leaning Spanish at school, Simon noticed an ad for an empty premisses on none other than Kendal’s Sell & Seek Facebook page.

What was originally a car garage, then the go-to place for jeans in Kendal (Maelstrom clothing), next The Patisserie, followed shortly by The Coffee Bean, has now become Comida [food] - Spanish inspired food & drink.